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Jun 23

If you use any type of bow for target shooting or for hunting you know that accuracy is important. When you add a stabilizer to your bow, your bow will naturally be steadier and help you focus, aim, and shoot with more accuracy.

However, all bow stabilizers aren’t created equally and some are definitely better than others. If you’re in the market for a good product but aren’t sure what to get; read through these reviews to find the best bow stabilizer for target shooting and make a more informed purchase decision.

Key Features of Bow Stabilizers

Every aspect of a bow stabilizer is important. You need your stabilizer to be the proper weight and length for your bow while also making sure that it will function right whether you’re shooting at a target for practice or hunting live game. Keep these features in mind when shopping for the best bow stabilizer for target shooting.


In order to have balance between the stabilizer and the bow, you have to look at the weight of the stabilizer. It shouldn’t be too heavy for your bow because it will be hard to handle and keep it steady. However, if the stabilizer is too light for your specific bow it can cause too much vibration. In both of these scenarios, the stabilizer can harm your accuracy.  

While you can usually move around the weight of a stabilizer, the best one will keep the weight at the furthest point from the bow in order to keep the whole thing balanced. Ideally, a stabilizer should be no more than 1 pound otherwise you risk limiting the bow’s performance.


This feature depends more on the type of bow you have and what you’re using it for (target practice or hunting, for example). If you’re moving around as you would be when hunting, you might prefer a shorter stabilizer that won’t hinder your movements too much.

Shorter stabilizers usually come with more of a reduction in things like vibration, torque, and shock. All of this leads to better noise reduction, too—an important consideration for hunters looking to stay hidden from their prey.

That being said, longer stabilizers tend to offer a higher rate of accuracy and precision while also being able to cover longer distances. The real issue with a long stabilizer is that they can make it harder to move around in the field due to their size. These are usually better for target practice or for recreational archery.

Vibration and Noise Reduction/Dampening

You also need to consider the vibration and noise dampening of a stabilizer. The vibration has to do with the recoiling you feel when you shoot your bow. A good stabilizer will help keep the vibration to a minimum which will keep the bow better balanced and give you a more accurate shot.

The noise your bow makes can be the difference between you hitting your prey when hunting and having them scamper off before your arrow reaches them. That vibration not only causes a physical reaction, it also causes audible sounds that animals can pick up on easily. The right stabilizer, while reducing the vibration of a bow, will also dampen that noise to help you stay hidden while hunting.

By keeping this feature and the other key features in mind while shopping, you’ll be able to compare and contrast products and find one that is perfect for you.

Overviews of The Best Bow Stabilizers for Target Shooting

Knowing what to look for in a stabilizer can help you with a purchasing decision, but an in-depth look at the best bow stabilizers on the market can help even more.

Bow Stabilizer Comparison Chart

When shopping for a bow stabilizer, there are certain things to initially take into consideration. Compare the weight and length of each along with the vibration reduction and noise dampening effects in order to find something that suits your bow as well as your needs and preferences.

 Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme StabilizerEBBQ Axion SSG Silencer StabilizerLimbSaver S-Coil Bow StabilizerNAP Apache Bow StabilizerTrophy Ridge Static Stabilizer
Weight8.8oz – 1.4lbs6-8oz4.5oz1lb3.2 – 4.8oz
Length6”, 8”, 8.6”, 10”, 10.8”4”, 6”4.5”8”6”, 9”
Vibration ReductionExcellentExcellentGoodExcellentExcellent
Noise DampeningExcellentExcellentExcellentExcellentExcellent
Price ($USD)Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

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1. Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer

Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer

This stabilizer is made by the well-known Bee Stinger brand and is considered one of the best ones on the market. The Sport Hunter Xtreme comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate more bows. The smallest size weighs only 2.7oz and is 6 inches long while the largest size is 1.4lbs and 10.8 inches.

In every size, the weight is at the end of the stabilizer for balance. With a good range of options, you can get the best stabilizer for your purposes or pick up different sizes and switch them out depending on what you’re doing.

The Sport Hunter Xtreme is made of light yet durable carbon fiber that helps it stay steady to promote accuracy while also ensuring that the stabilizer will last even with frequent use. This material along with a rubber component is also what reduces vibration and noise when you take a shot.

This stabilizer is more expensive than some of the other models available (over $200 in some cases) but the trusted brand name and the high quality of the product make it worth the money if you can fit it in your budget.

Pros Cons
  • Light
  • Made of durable carbon fiber
  • Promote accuracy
  • More expensive

Verdict: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

Click here for reviews of Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer on Amazon

2. EBBQ Axion SSG Silencer Stabilizer

This stabilizer by EBBQ is available in two different sizes, both under a pound and as short as 4 inches making it ideal for hunters. You can maneuver easily with this small stabilizer while also benefiting from the improved accuracy it provides.

The Axion SSG Silencer Stabilizer also offers wide resistance thanks to its hollow design. With this, your shots come off cleaner and reach the target faster. The stabilizer also features up to four Mathews dampeners (three in the smaller size) for excellent noise and vibration reduction.

This particular stabilizer features an easy assembly and installation process that will fit most bows. Durable materials allow it to last a long time, but some users have complained about the colors fading over time. The Axion SSG is a little on the higher end of the price scale for stabilizers (slightly under $100), but the features and quality make up for that.

Pros Cons
  • Easy maneuver
  • Lightweight
  • Wide resistance
  • Excellent noise and vibration reduction
  • Durable
  • Slightly expensive

Verdict: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Click here for reviews of EBBQ Axion SSG Silencer Stabilizer Review on Amazon

3. LimbSaver S-Coil Bow Stabilizer

A small, lightweight option, the LimbSaver S-Coil stabilizer is great for hunting. It also features Noise and Vibration Control Material (NAVCOM) technology in the signature coil design to better control vibration and diminish noise.

It is easy to install onto your bow and comes in a variety of colors to suit your personal style. The well-balanced design makes for better stability and comfort but its small design might not be best for long-range shooting according to users.     

The stabilizer is made to withstand the elements and is great for outdoor use. More so, this particular product is quite affordable (under $20) making it a great option for budget-conscious shooters who still want a quality product.

Pros Cons
  • Small, lightweight
  • Features NAVCOM technology
  • Easy installation
  • Afforable
  • Small design not suited for long-range shooting

Verdict: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Click here for reviews of LimbSaver S-Coil Bow Stabilizer on Amazon

4. NAP Apache Bow Stabilizer

A versatile stabilizer great for target practice and hunting, the Apache stabilizer can be customized based on your preferences. The 8-inch stabilizer can be modified by removing a 3-inch attachment to make it shorter and more suitable for hunting—a unique feature that really adds value to this affordable (around $30) product.

Slightly on the heavy side, the NAP Apache weights around 1 pound when fully assembled but will lose 2 ounces when you take off the removable attachment. It’s made of carbon fiber for a long-lasting design that can withstand frequent use but can feel off-balanced due to the weight distribution and size of the stabilizer. Patented dampening materials further the stabilizers usefulness by reducing vibration and noise.  

While the Apache can help improve accuracy and stability, there is a downside to it. According to reviews, it can be hard to assemble and dismantle when looking to remove the longer attachment. The product is held together by small screws that need to be removed so this isn’t a change that can be done quickly on the field and isn’t very user-friendly.

Pros Cons
  • Affordable
  • Customizable
  • Great noise dampening feature
  • Heavy
  • Hard to assemble

Verdict: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Click here for reviews of NAP Apache Bow Stabilizer on Amazon

5. Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer

Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer

Trophy Ridge is one of the most trusted brands for bow accessories known for high rates of precision as well as durability. Made with comfort in mind, the Static stabilizer comes in two sizes making it suitable for hunting and target practice.

The design features a rubber coating to absorb vibration and noise while the braided structure—made of Ballistix copolymer materials—allows for better airflow around the bow along with increased strength. All of this creates a smoother shot along with better balance and stability. This also helps you maintain accuracy in windy conditions.

If you prefer a heavier design or need more weight for your particular bow, there are additional weights that you can add to the stabilizer to improve the balance of your stabilizer. It is an affordable option (ranging from around $21 to $60) but users report that it can’t be used with all bows.

Pros Cons
  • Durable
  • Smoother shot with better balance and stability
  • Maintains accuracy in windy conditions
  • Affordable
  • Cannot be used with all bows

Verdict: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Click here for reviews of Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer on Amazon

General Impressions

After looking at some of the popular bow stabilizers on the market, it’s clear that there are some options that are better than others. While everything really comes down to your personal preferences and your particular bow, pay particular attention to the weight and balance of the stabilizer you choose.

According to user reviews for all of the stabilizers, each does its job but some have limits. For example, the LimbSaver S-coil stabilizer is affordable and offers lightweight, but has been reported to be unsuitable for long-range shooting making it less versatile than others.

Similarly, the NAP Apache stabilizer is quite durable and can be modified for different situations making it versatile. However, people who’ve purchased this say that it isn’t very user-friendly and is hard to dismantle making the versatile design more of a hassle than a convenience.  

When choosing the best bow stabilizer for target shooting out of these options, versatility, usefulness, and the price seems to make the EBBQ Axion SSG Silencer Stabilizer the best choice. It is good for all bows and all shooting situations thanks to its size while also providing quality vibration and noise reduction to improve accuracy. While there are cheaper options available, those seem to come with downsides including a lack of versatility or balance problems.


Your main goal as a bow shooter is to hit your target, be that a static practice target or prey. The right stabilizer can make all the difference here.

With so many options available, picking the best one is a daunting task. However, with the information here, you can make an informed purchase decision and find the best product to fit you and your bow.

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